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Abbie Reynolds, who is from Louisiana but lives in California, suffered the horrific injuries in October 2020, when she suddenly blacked out in her kitchen

  • Her roommate, Margaret Williams, 30, was cooking a searing hot pan of chicken, which Abbie fell into chest-first when she fainted 

  • Margaret dragged Abbie out of the boiling water, removed her sweater, and called an ambulance - but by then, the skin on her chest was already melting

  • Before the EMTs arrived, Abbie woke up and was left screaming in agony from the pain of her burns 

  • She was rushed to hospital where doctors performed three surgeries, including a RECELL procedure, in which new skin can be sprayed onto victims 

  • The operation didn't work on Abbie's extensive burns so she had to undergo a further two skin graft surgeries  

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    A 29-year-old woman has been left with horrific third-degree burns all over her breasts after she fainted into a pain of boiling chicken, which melted the skin on her chest and arms. 

    Abbie Reynolds nearly died in the agonizing accident on October 12, 2020, which occurred after she suddenly blacked out while chatting with her housemate - who actually helped to save her life by dragging her away from the searing hot pan, before calling an ambulance to their home.    


    Despite her roommate's quick thinking, Abbie sustained 'excruciating' injuries that required three rounds of painful surgery and saw her forced to spend 20 days in the hospital while doctors attempted to repair the damage from her burns.

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    And even after all of the operations, she has been left with scars across her chest and arms that have left her struggling with her self confidence.    

    Injury: Abbie Reynolds, from California, was left with agonizing burns across her chest after she fainted into a pan of boiling chicken, which melted the skin on her breasts
    Scars: The 29-year-old suffered third-degree burns on her boobs when she suddenly blacked out in her kitchen while her housemate was preparing chicken for dinner

    Abbie is also struggling to come to terms with the trauma of her accident, which she described as 'life-altering', admitting that she doesn't think she will 'ever be the same again' - either physically or mentally. 

    'It was a life altering experience,' the school psychologist said. 'I'll never be the same person I was physically or mentally prior to the accident. That's a really difficult thing to accept.'

    Speaking about the moments before her accident, Abbie recalled chatting to her roommate, events planner Margaret Williams, 30, before realizing that she was struggling to keep up with the conversation.  

    Her vision went blurry, and she started to see 'black spots'.

    Unable to blink them away, she figured she would go and lie down. 

    'Margaret told me to go and sit down,' Abbie explained. 

    'The last thing I remember is walking towards the living room, but apparently, I stopped and turned to look back at the microwave that was above the stove. I blacked out and collapsed into the cooking food.'

    When Abbie woke up two minutes later, she couldn't bear the agony of her burns, describing it as the most 'painful' and 'excruciating' thing she has ever experienced. 

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    Woman, 29, is left with horrific burns all over her BREASTS after fainting into boiled chicken

    Source:Daily Mail

    Woman, 29, is left with horrific burns all over her BREASTS after fainting into boiled chicken