Wellsville mayoral candidates Randy Allmon, who currently occupies the position; independent candidate Brad Elliott; Democratic candidate Bob Boley; and write-in candidate Jack Cataldo address an appreciative crowd Monday night in the village’s alumni center, where the Wellsville Community Foundation hosted the men for a town hall discussion before the November general election. Voters will choose one of the four men’s vision for the village of Wellsville. Candidates were given three minutes to answer pre-submitted questions on a variety of topics, including the village’s police, fire and road departments; the marina and a variety of quality-of-life issues to an audience and streamed live on social media. For example, all four men discussed increasing drug interdiction efforts through a variety of methods, ranging from an officer on the Columbiana County Drug Task Force to increased surveillance of known drug houses and creation of a substance abuse education program to assist with those suffering from addiction with money from the anti-opioid settlement moneys. (Photo by Stephanie Ujhelyi)


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Kent State East Liverpool PTA students support Banquet of Lisbon

Source:The Review

Kent State East Liverpool PTA students support Banquet of Lisbon